How to make a speaker with your own hands?

Make a column with your hands.

For information on how to make the speaker and the speaker of the plastic bottle that can compete with cheap computer speakers.

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How to protect a camera from a dust, a rain and snows?

Moisture protection for not mirror camera.

A few simple advices on how to protect your camera during certain weather conditions.

Sometimes it might be necessary to shoot during rain or a snowfall or in dusty air. In such cases it is possible to protect your camera by using an ordinary polyethylene bag.

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Здесь всякие ссылки, которые могут быть не совсем в теме, но часто оказываются весьма интересными. Если ничего ценного не нашли, то учтите: мопэд не мой, я только дал объяву. (с)
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