How to make a speaker with your own hands?

How to make a speaker with your own hands?

Make a column with your hands.

For information on how to make the speaker and the speaker of the plastic bottle that can compete with cheap computer speakers.

Сборка шаблона для намотки катушки.

Hello friends!

During the two-liter bottles of beer drinking, I made a bet with a friend that I can make the speaker of that same bottle..

Just before I shook flat coil for another project, and on the table at this time were the magnets bought on Aliexpress. In general, the idea was in the air.

What it was all over, you will be able to see and hear right now, if you watch the movie. For the rest, I wrote a short commentary on the pictures.

If you do not want to read boring text, watch the video.

Winding flat coil

For the winding plane of the coil is required to make a simple device.

The curing of the adhesive using the heating coils of electric shock.

Pre-curing adhesive is made by heating coils of electric shock, in the same way as is done in the repair of speakers. But, however, when using the Deaf schёchek, it takes about a day.

Removing the coil of the device.

Teflon gasket allow to separate the coil from the device.

Sizing coil.

Additional coil sizing increases reliability.

The alignment of the coil with a hair dryer.

Once fully cured adhesive coil is deformed and it is necessary to align with a hair dryer and the press. Adhesives “BF-2″ and “BF-4 ‘are more elastic at a temperature of 150 ° C without deterioration of the properties.

Cutting plastic bottles nihromvoy wire.

Get a smooth edge when cut with scissors it was harder PET bottles than to heat a piece of nichrome wire.

Cutting holes in the bottom of the bottle.

This process of giving final shape of the future dynamics of the body.

Drilling holes in the back of the speaker.

The hole will need to mount the magnet.

Mount the magnet to the speaker.

Some neodymium magnets with holes, ordered on Aliekspress used by the speaker. The distance between the edge of the magnet and the upper edge of the speaker enclosure can be adjusted by means of washers.

Production of the diffuser.

The diffuser is made of some kind of cardboard packaging.

Pasting of diffusor double-sided adhesive tape.

To build the mobile system was used double-sided tape.

Tensioning polyethylene film on the pattern.

The idea of ​​using a polyethylene film as a suspension dynamics inspired by design isodynamic head.

Isodynamic membrane dynamics.

Here is the membrane factory isodynamic speaker.

Sticking to the membrane diffuser.

Fixing to the diffuser on the membrane.

Fixing the coil to the diffuser.

Крепление катушки к диффузору.

The strengthening of the mobile system.

The flap writing paper increases the reliability of the mobile system.

Installation of the diffuser in the enclosure.

Installation of mobile systems in the enclosure.

Setting the speaker in the speaker housing.

Installation speaker in acoustic design.

Лужение выводов катушки.

For a long time wanted to show how it is possible to tin enameled wire using Aspirin.

Be careful and do not in any case, do not inhale the toxic fumes!

Connecting the speaker terminals to the cable.

It remains to add a damping filler and connect the coil terminals to the cable.

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This is the result.

Connecting the speakers to the amplifier.

Tests talking bottle.

You can listen to a speaker playing, if you will look the clip from the beginning of the article.

Pay attention to other popular themes, linked to the end of the article.

Creative success!

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