The ceiling fan that helps fall asleep – 3 lifehacks

The ceiling fan that helps fall asleep – 3 lifehacks

Hypnotic Eye.

Three simple lifhakas for fighting insomnia, implemented at a miserable cost.

Hello dear subscribers and guests of the channel and blog!

With the rapid change of time zones, there can be problems with sleep, which happened with my family. A few hours of insomnia and staring at the ceiling fan pushed me to the idea of using a fan as an activator of audio-video effects that help to fall asleep.

In fact, trying to get yourself to sleep, when you do not want to sleep, is a self-hypnosis. If you do not know the practice of self-hypnosis in perfection, for example, using keywords, then the concentration on audio-video effects will help you. With children can be differently and there much depends on age. Perhaps the effect will have to add a fairy tale.

These effects are known for a long time, but their implementation in the conditions of a lack of tools and materials may be for someone interesting. Then you can not read, but watch the video. For those who want to repeat these homemade, below are published small details.

All materials, except for three staples and tissue paper, were obtained free of charge. Although cigarettes are often wrapped in gifts, so if you did not throw it away … By the way, I collected the red airplane from such paper and it was even brighter than the paper from the set.

Ring office stationery can be requested at the supermarket ticket office. Free cocktail tubes and newspapers are available in any cafe. Capron nazludniki should be somewhere in a shoe store. If you do not find, then you can ask.

As glue will come down that is suitable, up to usual scotch, which can be gently peeled off from any blisters. Although in the video I used some high-tech double-sided scotch, which just happened to be in the place of placement. Its only difference from the usual is that it does not stick to the hands.

Finally, the picture can be downloaded as always from Additional Materials and asked to be printed in the office of the hotel. True, there can only be a black and white printer. But I think the effect will not suffer much.

You can start the effects either all at once, or separately. In the video I show them separately, so that it was clear who was standing on whom (© Bulgakov).

The only thing that should be explained is how it is better to cut the newspaper. The bending and the width of the bands offered in the video make it possible to obtain more random combinations of sounds, which attracts attention better than monotonous noise. This is especially important if you need to "kill" the noise of the air conditioner.

Have a good sleep and a merry holiday dear friends!

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